Welcome to The Runderlust San Diego 50 Mile & Trail Marathon! This event is being put on with the cooperation and support of the San Dieguito River Park and Black Mountain Open Space Park.



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January 13, 2018

San Pasqual Valley Trailhead, San Dieguito River Park
18195 Bandy Canyon Road
Escondido, CA 92025

Turn on to Bandy Canyon Rd from San Pasqual Valley Rd/Hwy 78 and make an IMMEDIATE Right turn in to the parking lot.

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Course Preview Runs
Preview runs for the 2017 event will be announced in the coming months.

Race Day Schedule
Early Start Mandatory Check In: 5:00AM
50 Mile Early Start: 5:30AM
50 Mile Mandatory Check In: 5:30 – 6:15AM
50 Mile: 6:30AM
Marathon Mandatory Check In: 6:30 – 7:15AM
Marathon: 7:30AM

Mandatory Check In: Even if you picked up your packet prior to race day, it is MANDATORY that you check in prior to starting the event. This will allow us to know who is out on the course and helps ensure your safety. Anyone that starts the race without checking in first will be disqualified. 

EARLY START NOTE: Early starters must announce their intentions to start early to the Race Director via email prior to race day, please email [email protected] Participants opting for the early start will not be eligible for overall or age group prizes and will have their results posted separately. Be sure to check the Aid Station Opening Times and be prepared to carry enough nutrition and hydration in the event you pass the first few aid stations before they open. Participants wishing to use the SD50 as a qualifier for a future 100 mile event MUST start at the 6:30 time and finish under the 13 hour cutoff. 

Drop Outs
Any drops that happen during the race must be immediately reported to the aid station captain. Upon dropping out, please turn your bib in to the aid station. Anyone dropping out without notifying the aid station will be disqualified and banned from future Off Road Pursuits events. This action can result in costly search and rescue efforts and is taken seriously. Please don’t make your volunteers spend all night searching for you when you are home on the couch!

Time Limit
There is a 13 hour time limit for the 50 mile event with intermediary cutoffs at aid stations.

Headlamp Requirement
Sunrise on race day is 6:51AM, whether you are starting in the early wave or standard wave for the 50 Mile, you will benefit from a headlamp for the start.  Sunset is scheduled for 5:06PM. If you will be running after 5PM, you MUST have a headlamp or flashlight to be allowed to continue.  Aid Station volunteers will not allow you to continue running without a light source after 5PM. If you do not carry a headlamp from the start, be sure to have one in your drop bag at the Bing Crosby Aid Station.

Hydration/Nutrition Requirements
All runners are required to carry a minimum amount of hydration with them throughout the event. Marathon participants must have no less than a hydration belt (10 oz) and 50 Mile participants must carry at least a 20 oz Hand Bottle throughout the event. These can be substituted with various belts, packs, bottles that best fit your running needs but all participants must carry their own fluid container. This not only helps ensure your safety and performance on the course but helps us cut down on waste and keep the event as green as possible. 

Aid stations will be well stocked with water, electrolyte drink, gels, snacks and salt tabs. However, it is STRONGLY encouraged that you carry your own salt and gels and use the aid stations to supplement as needed. Again this is to best ensure your safety and performance on the course and cut down on waste. 

Littering Restrictions
This event is being held with the cooperation of the San Dieguito River Park and Black Mountain Open Space. These trails are fantastic multi-use trails meant for the enjoyment of the entire San Diego community. DO NOT trash the trails. Anything you carry with you from the start can be carried to an aid station. Anything picked up from an aid station can be left there or carried to the next. Anyone seen littering the trails will be IMMEDIATELY disqualified, will not receive an official finish result and will be banned from all future Off Road Pursuits events. If you see someone drop something, let them know so they can go back and pick it up. If they do not, please alert the next Aid Station. There isn’t much I take seriously in life but the care and preservation of our trails is one of them. Pack it in, Pack it out!

Aid Stations
See the Course Description Page for Aid Station locations, schedule and cutoffs.

Crew and Spectator Access
Crew and Spectator Access is available at the following Aid Stations: Mile 10, Mile 15,  Mile 20, Mile 30, Mile 35, & Mile 40. The driving time between accessible aid stations is minimal allowing for a very spectator friendly course. There is limited parking at the Bing Crosby Aid Station so please be courteous of fellow spectators and crew members.

Directions for Crew Access
Start to Sunset 1
Sunset 1 to Del Dios Park 1
Del Dios 1 to Bing Crosby 1
Bing Crosby 2 to  Del Dios Park 2
Del Dios Park 2 to Sunset 2 
Sunset 2 to Finish

Drop Bags
Drop Bags are allowed and will be available at the following Aid Stations: Mile 20 & Mile 30. Drop bags are to be provided by the runner and clearly labeled with the runner’s LAST NAME and BIB # and must be at the race start no later than 6AM. Markers will be available on race morning if needed. Drop bags will not be returned to the start area until after the Mile 30 Aid Station (Bing Crosby 2) closes. This means bags will not be returned to the start area until  5PM at the absolute earliest! Bags must be claimed at the finish line, any bag not claimed by the completion of the event will be discarded and all useable items will be donated to a local shelter. Bags will NOT be held beyond race day. 

Pacers are not allowed on the course at any time. No, non-volunteer, outside assistance is allowed except within the approved “Crew Access” Aid Stations. Anyone receiving outside assistance away from these areas or accompanied by a pacer on course will be disqualified.

The San Diego 50 and Trail Marathon will be held rain or shine per the Head Park Rangers discretion. Local weather conditions can be found at the following links:
Start/Finish Weather
Turnaround Weather 

Packet Pickup

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Packet Pick Up Times and Dates:
Saturday – 1/28: 10AM – 5PM
Sunday – 1/29: 10AM – 2PM
Monday – 1/30: 10AM – 6PM
Tuesday – 1/31: 10AM – 6PM
Wednesday – 2/1: 10AM – 6PM
Thursday – 2/2: 10AM – 6PM

Laces Running Company is located at:
Packets not picked up prior to race day will be available on race morning at the start/finish area. Please arrive early enough to get your packet and check in.

All participants will receive a long sleeve technical running shirt and finishers will receive unique medals. There will also be awards for following categories in both distances:

  • Overall Male 1st, 2nd, 3rd
  • Overall Female 1st, 2nd, 3rd
  • First Place Male and Female in the following Age Groups
    • 19 and Under
    • 20 – 29
    • 30 – 39
    • 40 – 49
    • 50 – 59
    • 60 and Above

*Note: The Top-3 Overall winners will be pulled out of the Age Groups for distribution of awards.

Are you visiting San Diego for the race and need a place to stay? Use this link to find hotels close to the race start: http://goo.gl/maps/GV7S6 . The green arrow is the start/finish area.