The following is a list of the vital information you will need to know to make your race day successful. Please take a few minutes and read all the way through to ensure you completely understand the schedule and rules for the San Diego 50 and Trail Marathon. We’re about week away and I’m very excited, I hope you are too. See you at the start line!

Paul Jesse
Off Road Pursuits


Directions to Race Start & Parking
For directions to the start you can use this map: For GPS directions, use the address 18195 Bandy Canyon Road
Escondido, CA 92025.

Parking will be in the lot at the start/finish area. There is a limited amount of parking spots so PLEASE CARPOOL!


Race Day Schedule

Early Start Mandatory Check In: 5AM
- 5:15AM
50 Mile Early Start: 5:30AM
50 Mile Mandatory Check In: 5:30AM – 6:15AM

Drop Bags: No later than 6AM
50 Mile: 6:30AM

Marathon Mandatory Check In: 6:30AM
- 7:15AM
Marathon Start: 7:30AM


Mandatory Check In
There is mandatory check in on race morning. Even if you pick up your bib and shirt prior to race day, you MUST check in on race morning. Failure to check in on race morning will result in a disqualification from the event. Please help us to ensure we know exactly who is on the course so that we can properly take care of you!


***Of the few rules I put in effect with my events these next three are the most important. ***

Race Bibs/Runner Tracking
Race number bibs must be worn on your front and be visible at all times!! You may wear the bib on the front of your thigh or front of your torso (stomach/chest). If you are wearing a layer that will be removed be sure that the bib is visible as you approach all aid stations.

You must announce your number and show your bib upon entering the aid station. This is vital to keeping track of all runners on the course. If your bib is not readily visible an aid station volunteer will stop you until they can record your number. Please make this as easy on yourself and the volunteers as possible!


Dropping From the Race
If for any reason you are no longer able to continue and need to drop out, you MUST do so at an aid station. You must alert an aid station volunteer as soon as you decide to remove yourself from the race. Leaving the course without alerting a volunteer or race official will result in costly Search and Rescue expenses that are charged to the person who is “lost.”

If for any reason you leave the course without alerting an aid station volunteer or race official first you will be banned from any future Off Road Pursuits events.

Once you alert and aid station volunteer of your decision, you are welcome to have someone pick you up at the aid station if it is crew accessible. Otherwise, a volunteer will drive you back to the start when the aid station closes.


Littering of any kind during the race will result in immediate disqualification and a ban from future Off Road Pursuits events.

Please help us to leave the course as clean or cleaner than when the event begins. Littering not only affects our ability to obtain future permits but it detracts from the beauty of the trails that the entire community comes out to enjoy. These races are all about getting out and enjoying the local trails and gaining a respect for what we have in our backyards. If you see someone drop a gel pack, pick it up or let him or her know.


Drop Bags
Drop Bags are allowed for the 50 mile distance and will be available at the Bing Crosby Aid Station at miles 20 & 30. All drop bags must be to the start line by 6AM and be marked with your name and bib #.  We will have markers and duct tape on site race morning if you need to mark your bag.


Early Start
If you wish to take advantage of the early 5:30 AM start, please email me at [email protected] prior to race day. All early starters will receive finisher’s medals as long as they finish by 7:30PM and will receive finishing times. Early starters are not eligible for Overall or Age Group awards.


Hydration Requirement
All participants must carry their own means of hydration. All participants must carry a minimum of 20 oz of fluid. This can be done with a hand bottle, pack, belt, etc. You can purchase bottles, packs or belts at Laces Running Company during packet pickup if needed.

This requirement is to help ensure your safety between aid stations as well as reduce the amount of waste we generate as an event. Thank you for your cooperation.


Headlamp Requirement
All 50 mile early starters will need a headlamp at the beginning of the race. With sunrise at 6:51AM, all 50 milers will benefit from using one at the start but it is not required. ALL runners on the course after 5PM will be required to have a headlamp to continue the race.  If you do not start with a headlamp, be sure to have one in your drop bag.

If you are on the course at or after 5PM without a headlamp you will be held at your next aid station and removed from the race. Please do not argue with the aid station volunteers, this is to help ensure your safety! Thank you for your understanding.


Course Markings
The course will be well marked with a combination of ribbon, red arrow signs, and chalk on the ground. Please pay close attention to the markings. If you find yourself alone on the trail and feel you may have made a wrong turn, don’t worry, turn around and trace back to the last marker you saw and see if you missed a turn, it happens. It’s part of trail racing, think of it as bonus miles!


Aid Stations
Aid Stations will be located at the following (approximate) distances:

50 Mile Aid Stations

  • Raptor Ridge 1 – Mile 5.7
  • Sunset 1 – Mile 10
  • Del Dios Park 1 – Mile 15
  • Bing Crosby 1 – Mile 20.25
  • Turnaround – Mile 25
  • Bing Crosby 2 – Mile 29.75
  • Del Dios Park 2 – Mile 35
  • Sunset 2 – Mile 40
  • Raptor Ridge 2 – Mile 44.3

Marathon Aid Stations

  • Mile 5.7
  • Mile 10
  • Mile 13.1 – WATER ONLY
  • Mile 16.2
  • Mile 20.5

With the exception of the marathon turn-around aid station, all AS will be fully stocked with water, CarboPro energy drink, gels, salt tablets, and a variety of snacks.


Crew/Spectator Access
The following AS are accessible by crew and spectators: Sunset, Del Dios Community Park, and Bing Crosby. For directions to these aid stations, please see the “Directions for Crew Access” on the race info page:

All crew support must be provided in the designated aid station areas. No pacing or crewing will be allowed on the course outside of the aid station areas. This will result in disqualification.


This event is rain or shine. If there is rain in the days leading up to the race or on race day and you decide to participate you MUST remain on the trail at all times! Any water hazards on the trail are now a part of the race, who doesn’t love a good wet, mud run? Please do not leave the trail at any point to avoid excess water. This does incredible damage to the surrounding areas and will result in loss of future permits for this event.

For weather updates, please refer to the following two pages:
50 Mile Turnaround: